Raye Design is a full service Interior Design firm bringing eclectic and thoughtful interior design solutions for clients of both residential and commercial applications. We thrive on creating unexpected and unique spaces that capture the vision of beauty, essence and lifestyle of each individual client.  Raye Design offers discerning clients a vast array of project experience covering planning, programming, design development, specifications and project management.

About the Founder and Principal

Colleen Dawson is Founder and Lead Designer of Raye Design.  In her first decade of professional practice, Colleen has had diverse experience working for leading corporate firms like Herman Miller to leading celebrity design firms like Nate Berkus Associates. Her unique experiences and talents bring an uncommon body of knowledge and insight to serve the lifestyle values of her clients.

Colleen graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with a BFA in Fine Arts and Interior Design. Then moving on to work with firms that include Herman Miller and Nate Berkus Associates, Colleen founded her own firm three years ago with the sole purpose of helping clients shape their surroundings and inspire what lives within.

"Design is my passion, and I feel truly blessed to be able to share my passion in a way that brings beauty and functionality to peoples lives."
-Colleen Dawson